Goodbye Posterous – Hello Self Hosted


  1. Instead of whose, I think you mean who\’s — a contraction of who is — but otherwise, good point.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Brad, I have fixed the error.

      While this was probably a type/auto-correct issue for me*, I still was interested in understanding the differences between whose and who\’s. Here\’s an article from Grammar Girl detailing when it\’s acceptable to use whose: Whose for Inanimate Objects.

      *I say \’probably\’ but I could just be a grammar grom.

  2. Hans

    Yup, you were right!
    Posterous is closing on April 30th 2013

    Well they are currently having problems anyway.

  3. salope cochonne

    Un ƅon merci à l’auteur du site

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