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Blog First

Social Media websites play an important part in marketing your business – there’s no denying the power they have in getting the word out on your brand. But how much time and effort (and capital) should you spend on them? And which ones should you be focusing on?

Focus on Numero Uno

For most small or medium-sized businesses with limited marketing budgets, I firmly believe that your social marketing efforts should be focused first at home: on your own website – your own blog. Make a plan to write as often as you can – once a month, once a week, once a day – what ever. Post your awesome content at home first, and then cross-post to the social sites of your choice.

Cross posting in this way means you don’t have to think of your social media marketing as an additional effort. Every time you post something new on your blog, repost it to your social media accounts, with a quick summary and a link back to your site. Drive the traffic to your site.

But Facebook has a Gazillion users

I’m not saying that a Facebook page for your business isn’t an important thing to focus on. But unless you have a dedicated social marketing department, gaining a large following on Facebook or any other social site is going to be an uphill battle. And remember, friends and family who like you aren’t likely to be your most lucrative customers. By cross-posting your original content you still get a great social media presence, while smartly managing your marketing resources.

The benefits of being blog centric

There are quite a few benefits to focusing first on your blog, here’s just a few:

  • Control – No one but you will shut down your site or change your privacy policy
  • Google Juice – Send that web traffic ova heeah!
  • Flow with the tide – Social winds change and new sites pop up and supplant old ones.
  • Keep your sanity – Spend less time on marketing and more time running your business

Have I convinced you to spend more time writing on your blog? I’d love to hear your opinion – Am I right, or has the boat left shore without me?

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