How to Migrate from Yoast SEO to The SEO Framework


  1. Very interesting article. it is very helpful to me, because just deciding to move to The SEO Framework.

    You mention that SEO Framework is based on Genesis. But I want to use it with the Astra theme. Do you think I will have any conflicts?

    Thx in advance

    1. Hi Angel. Yes, it’s designed to work with any theme so you shouldn’t have any conflicts. I think it started out as the built-in version of SEO that Genesis used to use. I’m not very familiar with Genesis however, so they may still be using it.

      ~ Bryan

  2. ngetricks

    hi nice setting , i want to ask .. why my sitemap still redirect to sitemap_index.xml .. and cannot using sitemap.xml .. like your setting .. thanks before

  3. Daniel Barbour

    First, great post!

    Second, I’m wondering about how to no-index post archive pages from Google using the SEO Framework plugin. Could you guys help me out?

    Third, because you may be wondering, I found this post ranked #2 for the keyword “de-index post archives with seo framework”. This might be a longtail keyword that would get you some relevant traffic, there’s a content gap. I haven’t even been able to find anything in the documentation for the plugin. I’ll have to play around with it myself to see if there’s a setting for this like what I do in Yoast.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You can no-index archive pages under the Robots Meta Settings section of the plugin. Under the Indexing tab you’ll find the ability to NoIndex a range of post archive pages.

      Unless I’m confused as to what you’re asking, the plugin covers all post archives that I can think of. Category, tag, author, date, and even search are covered. What other post archives are you hoping to NoIndex?

  4. Thank you Bryan for the quick guide to install TSF, very helpful to get me started with the plugin!

    1. Glad you found it helpful Christian. What do you think of the 4.0 update?

      1. I’m just getting started with TSF for the first time, but it looks promising. What’s your overall experience?

    2. We switched over a few years ago and prefer it over that other SEO plugin. We continue to migrate our customers as well. Love how light weight it is and equally powerful.

  5. Cool! Do you maybe have any examples or case studies of customers benefiting from TSF?

    1. Most of our customers hire us to do their web marketing, so the benefits are really only seen in relation to those marketing efforts. Most of our customers wouldn’t know the difference between the SEO plugins, and neither would the marketing team. I as the developer forced the change due to the bloat of the previous solution, and the relatively clean and uncluttered nature of TSF.

      1. Bryan thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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