There’s no F11 key for awesome website


  1. Hmm, does no one else spot the other F11 correlation here?

    As far as I\’ve seen F11 makes all major browsers (that I\’ve tried it in) full-screen. I was sure that was the intended reference when I saw the title.

    1. F11 on my keyboard is for volume down. So maybe it\’s F11 for awesome quiet website.

  2. Function commands are the secondary function of the button (you have to hold Fn to get it) and then it is indeed fullscreen on a browser. Not sure what else its meant to do! Perhaps it means \’ you can\’t make design be without context, i.e. filling the users viewport.

    F11 as volume-down is very mac-centric!!!

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  3. You have great points here and thanks for making tutorials I really appreciate it.

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