Strong Passwords are easy with 1Password

You know you should be using strong passwords for every account, but how are you supposed to remember them? And even if you did remember a strong password, would it be secure if you used it for every account?

It’s time to stop thinking that managing strong, secure passwords is something you’ll get around to. Do it now before you get hacked. It’s so dang easy, and you’ll get a few added benefits too.

If you’re a client of ours, you’ve probably been faced with one of the two scenarios:

  1. I’ve set up an account password for you that looks something like this:  DPMwT4i]dFs:H8}cm
  2. I’ve mentioned many times about an application called 1Password

In the first scenario is what’s called a strong password. Note that it doesn’t contain your dog or child’s name (with a 1 replacing an l). It’s ugly and it’s impossible to remember. But that’s ok. It’s great actually (and it’s not ugly – it’s beautiful). You don’t have to remember, if you’re using 1Password.

Why you need to use 1Password
  • Generate strong passwords for every site/log in you have
  • Easy log in to every account
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android apps – take your passwords with you everywhere

Those are just the three biggest reasons to use it. There are many other features that I use every day (Secure Notes, Software Licenses, Accounts), but these three should be enough to send you sprinting to the App Store for 1Password. Or to for the Windows version.

Because if you’re using the same easy, weak password everywhere – you’re putting yourself at risk. 1Password is an application that will change your life. You’ll become better looking and more confident. Go get it.

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