Rebuilding Spigot (again)


  1. I\’m also rebuilding one of my sites with Hybrid Core. It\’s been a joy just getting back to some of the basics and letting the framework take care of the rest.

    Building off a parent theme can be great for some projects, especially if that project\’s markup should be similar to that parent theme. But, having a framework that allows for the freedom of creating custom markup makes much more sense for many projects and allows for easier customization and variety.

    Hybrid Core was really built for front end development rather than just custom styles. To me, the biggest difference between using a development framework and a parent theme is whether the focus should be on development and design or just design. The purpose of child themes has always been about changing the design. Unfortunately, the community has gotten too far away from that (including me), which has hurt the parent/child theme concept.

    I look forward to seeing what you build off Hybrid Core.

  2. Thanks for your comments Justin. Hybrid has really helped my understanding of the power of WordPress, but with Hybrid Core the doors are wide open for creating truly unique things.

    Thanks again for all your work.

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