Park City Over the Air TV Reception


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  2. Jarrett

    Thanks Bryan,
    You pretty much answered all the questions we had about cutting the cord with cable or satellite companies! back to good ol\’ over the air and digital streaming for us!


  3. steve

    This info was great. I live in Pinebrook though and wonder if we can pick up the signals from Quarry Mountain. The signals would have to go over the Canyons/9990.

  4. Hey Steve,

    I\’m not sure you\’ll have much luck. Here\’s a link to what says about the reception at my studio in Quarry Village:

    All the good channels are in gray, which is apparently \”These channels are very weak and will most likely require extreme measures to try and pick them up.\”

    Good luck.

    1. steve

      Maybe I\’m reading it wrong, but aren\’t there a bunch of yellow stations at the top of your analysis (channels 15, 35, 25, 27, etc.)? The Mustang Loop analysis looks to be the same as yours, 8 channels in yellow and one in green.

      All channels are red or worse on Springshire (1 mile away), and that I believe from past experience.

  5. I just rechecked what tvfool says about the reception from my house in Spring Creek and it\’s pretty much the same as what I got in Quarry Village. So maybe you will have luck. I\’d think that the hills between you and Quarry Mtn would be in the way but perhaps it doesn\’t work like that.

    I don\’t get the channels that are in yellow. My antenna is pointed south so maybe that\’s why.

  6. steve

    OK, I should be able to give it a try in a few days and will update this thread then. I appreciate your comments and help.

  7. steve

    I couldn\’t get a ghost of an analog channel 15 years ago from my house in Pinebrook, but today I\’m happy to say that I\’m getting the 16 over-the-air digital channels below in good quality. I\’m missing one or two of the green/yellow channels from the TV Fool analysis, but am getting a bunch of others. I was sure I\’d be returning the equipment, but am happy to have public TV (through TiVo!) and NetFlix. Yea baby!

    • Location: Mustang Loop, Park City, UT
    • Antenna: Winegard FreeVision FV-30BB HDTV, facing 141 degrees magnetic ($40)
    • Receiver: TiVo Roamio

    Channel Call HD

    2-1 K15FLD N
    2-2 K15FLD2 N
    4-1 K31FPD Y
    4-2 K31FQD2 Y
    4-2 K31FPD2 Y
    4-30 KUCW-SD Y
    5-1 K27GCD Y
    5-2 K27GCD2 Y
    5-3 K27GCD3 Y
    7-1 K25DLD Y
    7-2 K25DLD2 Y
    7-3 K25DLD3 Y
    9-1 K39HPD Y
    9-2 K39HPD2 Y
    13-1 K35K0PD Y
    13-2 K35KOPD2Y

    1. That\’s awesome that it works for you, especially without an amplifier.

      Where did you locate your antenna?

      1. steve

        I replaced the old DirecTV dish with the HDTV antenna, which was convenient since it\’s already wired to the house. That side of the house faces 141 degrees. Looking through the channel listing on TiVo for the 19 channels I get, I wonder if it was worth it…tons of old junk. I guess I can record sports and news though. Lots of bugs with TiVo Roamio already.

      2. I haven’t thought of using a DVR. I’d never have time to watch the recorded stuff. We use an Apple TV to hook into Netflix and MLB though.

        Thanks for the follow up above. Great that it all works for you.

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  9. Kate Clark

    I am so glad I found this information. I am so done with Direct TV, don\’t want All West, and they are all a RIP!

    I did get good internet (it seems okay) through Utah Broadband. The installer said I had a direct line to the thing that gives good reception. I am so illiterate when it comes to this.

    Oh….. did I mention I live in Kamas? I was going to head out to Best Buy but have no ideas what to get.

    I would be very interested to find out if you think you could do anything so I can disconnect from these money sucking digital rip-offs. I don\’t even watch what I\’ve got with Direct but do sometimes want the news, weather or PBS.

    Please let me know if there is something you can do for me in Kamas!

    Thanks so much…. you have given me hope. It is a racket and overwhelming for me to try to figure this one out on my own.


    1. Hi Kate,

      Well, the best I can do to help you is to point you to the website – it will give you the info you need to determine what equipment would be suitable for you location, as well as where to point it.

      You may just want to purchase the preamp anyway. It certainly helps my reception, and I don\’t recall if TVFool recommended it or not.

      Good luck!

    2. I would be more than happy to come install a TV antenna for you that will work for all your local stations.



  10. geoff marshg

    Hey, thanks Bryan as everyone is a thankful cause of this informative atcial.

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