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Tweet Archive for: April 2015

git commit – git pull / rebase – minor conflict resolution – days files overwritten. Weird.

From Tweetbot for Mac 5:05pm Apr 29 2015 —

Time Machine on OS X just saved me from losing a full day’s work. 😮

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A few of the projects I’ve backed were purely philanthropic… These have brought joy, gratefulness and humility. So there’s that 🙂

From Tweetbot for Mac 9:58am Apr 29 2015 —

Of the handful of projects I’ve backed on Kickstarter (and others) I’ve yet to receive anything. Crowdfunding = Crowdscamming?

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RT @adweak: BREAKING: Agency Hopes Client Doesn’t Ask To See Dismal Number of People Using Hashtag They’ve Been Heavily Promoting

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