That’s it. That’s the Tweet.

The tweets are all gone. For good.

If you’re wondering what happened to the tweet history that once was on this website, sorry to inform you but they’re all gone. No longer here. There used to be a full archive of all my crappy tweets but now it’s, not. It used to be here and how it’s no longer here. And it won’t be coming back. Let’s explore how we got to this point.

When Twitter was great

Twitter was the first social media network that I connected with. The early days were very collaborative and it felt like a tight community of like minded peers. It was real-time communication with people from around the globe – or more likely in my case – here in the US. It was exciting and fun, all before Twitter became the place where people yell at each other. I liked it so much and thought so much of keeping hold of all my mostly worthless tweets that I set up a system to import every single tweet.

Ozh tweet importer

Big thanks to Ozh for the tweet archiving plugin developed all those years ago. It worked very well for a very long time. And it likely still does. Here’s the OG example: Ozh’ Tweets. I kept a similar feed for years but decided a while ago that it was time to move on.

Great, so why even post about it?

The reason for this post is for a place to redirect all the 404s that still try to access these old sweet tweets. Likely all bot traffic, but I’d rather that traffic go to a good place than our 404. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

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