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Tweet Archive for: June 2008

Growing tired of following people who I expect to tweet about their expertise, but only give their shopping list.

From web 1:37pm Jun 20 2008 —

I’ve just finished meeting with a client. All work up to this point is being trashed. Glad I have contracts and sign off sheets.

From Twitterrific 1:05pm Jun 18 2008 —

And all of you Celtic fans… Hard to believe, another world championship for Boston.

From Twitterrific 10:38pm Jun 17 2008 —

Congrats to Kevin Garnett from an Minnesotan living in Utah

From Twitterrific 10:21pm Jun 17 2008 —

@studio2 I thought you were a card carrying, drank the Firefox koolaid guy…

From Twitterrific 9:14pm Jun 17 2008 —

Safari is still faster than FF3

From Twitterrific 9:10pm Jun 17 2008 —

FF3 Download day off to a rough start. Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.

From Twitterrific 11:53am Jun 17 2008 —

FF3 Download day email link brings me to the Firefox 2 download page… weird.

From Twitterrific 11:49am Jun 17 2008 —

As long as I’m on a roll with things I don’t like, lets add using the timeline in Flash to the mix. Probably because I suck at it.

From Twitterrific 11:06am Jun 17 2008 —