Transmit 5 Empty Directory When Using Transfer and Skip

10.31.17 Update: Good news! Update to Transmit 5.0.5 fixes this issue!

I really like the new version of Transmit. It’s super fast and easier than ever to use. But after 7 years and a massive overhaul of, well, everything, there are bound to be bugs that pop up.

A skipped directory, an empty directory

There’s an error that I’ve noticed that occurs when transferring multiple files and directories, and skipping the items that are already at the transfer destination. In the limited amount of testing that I’ve done, it seems to only occur when skipping directories and not just files. Transferring a single directory along with multiple skipped files doesn’t cause this issue.

Here’s a quick screen recording:

I’ve posted a ticket with Panic support so hopefully explaining it here will help them track this down.

Photo CreditEric Welch

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