Drift Chat

We’ve used Drift chat on our sister site Cinch for over a year now. During that time we’ve been able to help countless people with the small WordPress problems they encounter, and it’s been fabulous. Most of them don’t end up becoming Cinch customers, but that’s okay. A few do and we’re just happy helping out the rest.

The true benefit of on-site chat is that questions get answered immediately without the slow back and forth of email generated from an online form. Customers get quick answers, and my inbox isn’t clogged up with form requests.

Drift chat comes to Spigot

The Drift team sends out a ton of newsletters and posts about their vision of the future. One without lead forms or maybe without any forms at all – they’re pretty aggressive about the idea overall. I can get on board with that so starting today we’ve added our own drift chat to the site.

It’s right there in the lower right corner of the window. Go ahead and start a chat – I just might be on the other end.

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