Change Woocommerce New Order reply-to address to customer

A client wanted to be able to easily contact customers through the New Order admin notification in Woocommerce by simply replying to that notification. The default reply-to is the store owner’s email, so we needed a way to make it appear as if it came from the customer.


After trying and failing a handful of solutions, including routing email through Mandrill, I came across a plugin by Peter Hartree:

WooCommerce New Order Email Notification from Customer.

Yes it works. Yes it was the easiest $12 fix ever.


I need this plugin…how can I get it?


I need this too. I can\’t believe Woo doesn\’t have this function built it.


Hi Bryan, I don\’t see any twitter reply from him. I need this plugin now. Do you think you can send a copy to me and I will ping him to get his paypal account and pay him later? Let me know. Thanks.


In case any of you are still looking for a solution to this, I managed to create my own plugin using the code below. Just create a new folder in the Plugins directory and add one php file with the same name as the folder you created. Then insert this code:

   Plugin Name: GroupBooked Reply to Customer
//This plugin adds a "reply-to" on New Order Emails so that the customer can be replied to directly

add_filter( \'woocommerce_email_headers\', \'mycustom_headers_filter_function\', 10, 3);

function mycustom_headers_filter_function( $headers, $object, $order ) {
    if ($object == \'new_order\') {
        $headers .= \'Reply-to: \'.$order->billing_first_name.\' \'.$order->billing_last_name.\' <\'.$order->billing_email.\'>\' . "rn";

    return $headers;


I have to say, its a great idea – but from having the plugin not be available at the original location to now having it placed o the Sellfy platform, through which the PayPal process for me did NOT work, is a bit of a fail. Why not publish through the Envato marketplace?


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