Webkit { background: transparent;} bug

Webkit IconI’m a Huuuuge fan of the Webkit Open Source Project. It’s the engine behind Safari, Apple’s browser for both OS X and Windows. If you haven’t used it, give it a try. It’s my most favoritist browser. I prefer it’s Web Inspector over Firefox‘s Firebug plugin.

Webkit is the experimental version of Safari and you can download their nightly build and essentially stay on the bleeding edge of what web browsers can do. You too can be on the bleeding edge, as long as you don’t mind daily browser updates.

With the recent update of this site, I noticed a minor bug with the way Webkit renders the a:visited {background: transparent;} style. In every other browser the background is rendered as expected: transparent. In Webkit, however, the backgrounds were rendering in pure black.

To fix the problem, I simply changed background: transparent; to background: white; and all was well.

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