saves @font-face


  1. Thanks for the writeup. Your fonts look great. As for Typekit, the reason why a lot of the fonts look bad is that they leave the hinting up to the designer. They do not prepare the fonts in any way for delivery to Windows. Font Squirrel does its very best to hint the fonts and make them workable in Windows. Rendering will only get better as time goes on.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ethan, and thanks for the work you do with FontSquirrel.

      I didn\’t feel savvy enough to mess with the font hinting controls, but it looks like the \’Easy\’ option works just fine.

      I\’m heading back over to the site to donate now.

  2. Rajat

    FontSquirrel’s @font-face generator really saves the day! However, I feel that the @font-face fonts are best left for headings and titles, and shouldn’t be used for the main content. Doesn’t look right.

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