Updating SEO Yoast through MainWP breaks permalinks


  1. I found your post on Google* \”yoast seo breaking permalinks for custom post types\”, so well done. I tried this search after suspicions myself, dating back about a month after several client updates, and it being pointed out to us by some of the owners/editors.

    I agree that it\’s sort of hit and miss, but drilled to the same conclusion. I thought as well that it may have been concurrent with mainwp updating their own child plugin… but between them and Yoast if it\’s not a real rash of tickets it makes it harder for them to provide a fix for isolated glitchy behavior.

    Since it does hamper you with the white screen in admin, I just go on the server and rename the plugin file (wordpress-seoTMP). At this point it will let me log back in normally to the dashboard, rename the file back on the server and it works, saving the need for deleting and re-uploading.

    Thanks for helping me from going crazy thinking I was alone on this one:)


    1. Hi Stu,

      Yeah, I thought I was going crazy too. It took a couple of tickets at MainWP to get them to take a look, and I wouldn\’t even consider asking Yoast about it.

      I\’ve not had an issue since the update. Updated a bunch of sites today to the latest WordPress SEO without a hitch.

  2. Yes, today was rather big. I found when updating our sites plus WP itself was about 120 mainwp actions, which included the latest Yoast Version. I found that restarting php-fpm (on nginx) after I ran mainwp, stopped any of the sites from hiccuping / white screening (and they were). It may well be that what you said about both houses got it all in order and we\’ll definitely know next time.

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