Turn Off Photoshop’s New Default Proportional Transform


  1. Margaret M.

    Oh, DUDE! I love you! This fix worked beautifully, and now my headache is almost gone. I hate when these developers make assumptions and change simple things without giving us a simple option to turn it off and revert back. I’ve been grumbling about this for months.

  2. teresa

    Amazing. Thanks!

  3. Yael

    Does it work for PSD 2020? it took me a moment to figure it out but I am working on two computers and it is quite annoying. Thank you

    1. Hi Yael. I just checked with PS 2020 and it appears this no longer works. Sigh. Not sure I care to figure it out for 2020 if they’re just going to bork every workaround we come up with for future versions…

      If someone would like to take the time to solve it, let me know and I’ll post an update here.

  4. The previous config file fix no longer works in 2020.
    They now have a General setting called “Use Legacy Free Transform”.
    Go to Settings > General and you will see in the bottom of the Options block.

    Just tried it and finally got back my original scale, still stunned they would think this was a good idea.

    1. Thank you Raffi for finding that and posting it here. I’ll update the post. I guess a setting beats a config file, right? Right???

  5. Chucky

    This default proportionate transform/scaling has got to be the stupidest Adobe Photoshop implementation ever. I’ve been using Photoshop for over 20 years, Adobe. I think I know what I’m doing. Good grief.

    1. Good grief indeed, Chucky. Look for the new pref option now in Preferences -> General.

  6. Man

    Whoever came up with this change in the first place, must be a hipster idiot UX designer.

  7. JAM

    Thank you. I wish I could keep up with these changes. Using PS is like when I learned to play the piano. It is a feel, not a conscious thought regarding which key to push. This has been a thorn in my side for a while. Now if i coudl just get it to leave my layers tab open.

    1. There are certain things I can retrain my brain to do, but how PS transforms was not one of them :)

  8. Jhonny

    Thank you so much

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