Don’t Minify on the Fly


  1. Woah, good call. I had no idea. Thanks for saving me a lot of potential heartache.

  2. What\’s the \”before and after\” that causes a problem? Can you give us an example? I have minified CSS on a client site that includes fonts and it seems to be working fine. I guess it depends which minifier is being used, maybe?

    1. The main issue I had was the minifying techniques used by Cloudflare. If you\’re manually minifying – I use a Coda plugin – then you\’re probably fine.

      I also use ProCSSor to both minify and cleanly format CSS.

  3. A better title for this post would be \”Don\’t minify on the fly with CloudFlare\’s autominify\”. I\’ve come across plenty of great php scripts that take media queries into consideration and this title post makes people think otherwise.

  4. Good point Justin. I\’ve had great luck minifying with Sass and Compass, so an update is in order.

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