Apple Keyboards – Wired vs Wireless


  1. Brady J. Frey

    I completely agree- unfortunately I have a stubborn cat who is obsessed with wires. Thus, I suffer with the wireless… and very much miss my keypad!

  2. I agree with this, it would be nice to see apple bring out a wireless version of the full extended keyboard.

  3. Steve

    I agree with everything you’ve said. I use the wired one and the cable is a non issue on my desktop. It’s got so much clutter on it anyway that not having a cable going from the keyboard would make pretty much no difference 🙂
    And even with the keypad its footprint is still quite small. I moved to the Apple keyboard from the Microsoft Ergo 4000 (which I still have) and it’s tiny compared with that!

  4. sharon

    The biggest downside to wireless keyboards are the RFs that are \”hot\” even 25 feet away. I\’m switching to completely wired, including telephones. It\’s like stepping back into the 80\’s. Long strings of ethernet and VOIP powered telephone lines now wind down the hall, so that my roommate and I can have our own offices. It\’s worth it, though. No more radio frequencies, and my health is improving.

    1. Hadn\’t thought of the RF issue Sharon. Glad to hear your health is back on track.

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