Email Etiquette Don’t: See Below

There are a ton of email etiquette rules out there that are good to know and follow. One that’s rarely addressed is this See Below scenario:

You’ve been replying back and forth with a friend and decide you need to bring in another friend for their opinion. So on the 8th reply you CC this second friend and simply say “see below.”

Awesome, now I get to read through all your earlier emails and signatures and attached signature images to try to parse out what you’re asking of me.

Rather, do this
  1. Quickly summarize what you and friend 1 have been discussing
  2. Ask a direct question
  3. Bask in email etiquette happiness

For more fun email don’ts, check out how to make The Oatmeal hate you.

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I had clients do that to me… No comment…


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