When to hire a web designer

A recent Boagworld podcast (article here) argues that the best time to hire a web designer is now, even if you’re not currently planning on redesigning your website.

Of course a web design agency would say that

At first, that may sound like a web agency simply trying to get more business, but if you take a look at some of their arguments, it may make sense for some businesses. Their point is basically that a site owner can get caught in a cycle like this:

  1. A website owner decides he needs a new site and pays a web designer big dollars to scrap the old site and build a new one.
  2. The designer goes away after the project, and the site slowly deteriorates as it gets neglected.
  3. The site owner eventually stops promoting the site and decides it’s time for a redesign to bring it current.
  4. The cycle begins again.

This cycle becomes a large waste of resources and can potentially confuse users due to dramatic changes in the design of the site.

The long term partnership approach

The antithesis to this cycle is to form a long term partnership with a web designer. This gives a site owner a web professional on the team, someone who’s dedicated to keeping the site up to date on an ongoing basis. This gives the designer a better understanding of the business and how best to reach their customers. The need for a full fledged redesign will be reduced, opening up the opportunity to realign rather than redesign.

The article goes into greater detail, and is worth the read if you’re a site owner who’s tired of this cycle.

You can also contact us for more information on our maintenance contracts, and how Spigot Design can become an ongoing partner with your business.

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