Tangerine Tango – Flylow Color of the Year

As a designer, Pantone’s annual announcement of their Color of the Year is usually just an interesting tidbit of information that, once digested, gets half heartedly tucked away in my brain. I’ve never used it as a basis for a design, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen it influence design trends in general. Until now.

← This is the fancy new ski shell from Flylow I’ve sported this year that, unbeknownst, has shot me into the Pantone trendosphere. While it may not be a perfect match to this year’s color (Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango) it’s close enough that I see folks point and nod, marveling how a simple ski shell can be such a harbinger of the times. Oh Pantone, you know us so well.

Regardless of the color, this shell is far and away the best I’ve worn. It’s comfortable, durable, and dry. Flylow is sneaky good. Solid gear, and ON IT with color trends. Get sum: http://flylowgear.com/

PS: And no, I’m not pushing Flylow because I work with them. Yet.

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