SVG & PNG Image Test


  1. Robin Bastien (@ocularharmony)

    Try using and see if it helps, I\’ve heard lots of good things! 🙂

  2. Thanks Robin I\’ll check that out. Have you heard if it\’s any better than ImageOptim?

  3. Brian Armstrong

    Tiny PNG is amazing!!!

  4. Pol

    Your \”Hand optimized PNG\” 🙂
    spigot-logo-test-8.png – 34,185 bytes
    After – 14,532 bytes
    After – 10,140 bytes (always better)

  5. Ok I\’m convinced. The tools that Robin, Brian, and Pol have detailed are the right way to go.

  6. TechieKev

    Very impressed with Tiny PNG!

  7. Is it just me or are the images missing? I can\’t see any one of them.


  8. someone

    Outer glow working here as of 08/2014.

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