Site Stats Restored to the Jetpack Submenu

Jetpack released a new React powered interface in version 4.3, released on September 8th of this year. They worked very hard on it for over a year and are clearly very proud of it.


While I can agree that the interface looks nice and clean, there were a few things that I was disappointed with in this update:

  1. The new stats interface is severely lacking in the amount of data available in the dashboard compared to the old stats
  2. The old Site Stats are still available, but buried in a link from the Jetpack dashboard page. The submenu link to these stats was also removed
  3. The Dashboard is less useful than it was before, and appears to have become more of a marketing area for Jetpack
  4. I’m not partial to the width of the Dashboard. There is a ton of wasted space on my big monitor

It’s understandable for Automattic to push Jetpack’s paid plans and options, but I think they went just a little too overboard with it.

Site Stats restored

I’m not sure how it came about, or where the pressure came from, but the Jetpack team quietly put the Site Stats sumbenu back. Check out the changelog here. Note that adding the menu item back is labeled an Enhancement.


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