Rethinking Flickr and MobileMe


  1. Kalonica

    Good post. You\’ve sussed it out nicely. I\’ve been flirting with all these services (only pay for MobileMe) and definitely agree with your opinion of Flickr. Cumbersome and forbidding. I like community, but there can be something chaotic about the complete stranger aspect. I sink happily into the MobileMe interface and love how I can push a live gallery from my iPhoto, etc. Seamless. But I too was wondering about how isolated it is. Did some thinking and realized that it probably should be. I have a public folder and a valuable personal email address, both of which might be vulnerable if the gallery, and thus my MobileMe personality, turned up in search engines. After reading your post I\’m starting to see the value of integrating carefully EACH of these services, with Facebook as the hub for your trusted creative community. I\’m giving up on the idea of one perfectly integral solution and am gonna start loving the hack.

  2. @Kalonica – Since writing this, I\’ve given up totally on Flickr. I still use MoblieMe to house all the photos I care to share, but I don\’t think anyone goes there.

    I\’ve come to realize that nearly no-one wants to browse my complete collection. If I have some photos that relate to a post they are reading, then they\’ll look at those, as long as its easy.

    I\’ve just installed the NextGEN gallery plugin for WordPress on my kids site. It works pretty well, provides thumbs for the post, and then uses a javascript gallery to view. Check it out if you use WordPress. Here\’s a link to a post I\’ve used it on:

  3. leo

    interesting post, bryan.

    i agree with you, the all-singing-all-dancing solution isn’t out there.

    my main site for my artistic project is flickr, but i pull the pictures into my own site (see website abouve). i like flickr’s community aspect and it’s tagging and searching capabilties: not perfect but a good start.

    i use mobileme for quick-sharing with friends. it looks absolutley gergous, but you have not muuch control over the result. moreover, the browser requiremnts are sometimes annoying.

    some things i publish via iWeb, for blogs i use tumblr and blogger, but i think of integrating mobileme, iWeb and the blog services into one wordpress solution.

    cheers, leo

  4. I use Menaltos Gallery 2 which is not perfect but it gets the job done. By not perfect i mean that everything is wrong with it but once you get it working it does the job well. They have new version (Gallery 3) in the making and it should be out soon. If it is to believe what they ay the 3 will be THE gallery for selfhosting 🙂
    Here is their site:
    And here is mine gallery:

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