Raised Bed Garden

After suffering complete failure (due to climate and critters) with our 4×4 gardens last year (click here for a picture), we wentall out this year with a new system. It’s bigger, raised up a bit more, and most importantly, completely covered.

The cover is made of Solexx, a double walled corrugated plastic material that kicks some greenhouse butt. We put it on a hinge to be able to get in easily, and added windows on each side for venting and watering. It’s not too heavy to open, but it’s enough of a PITA that the windows make watering so much easier. Here’s why Solexx is so awesome:

  • Diffused Light. The harsh Utah sun gets naturally diffused in a really soothing way . Plants don’t get burnt and the light gets spread out equally, without shadows.
  • Insulation. We’re expecting to get an extra month on both sides of our pathetic 60 day growing season. For you mathophobes that’s doubling our season!
  • Protection. Keeps out both the critters, and the dry wind that blows up East Canyon Creek.
  • Durability. This will outlast plastic sheeting. At least I expect it to.

This was designed and built by Kari and I. Cost was around $400. Mostly for the Solexx – it’s not exactly cheap, but we’re hoping it will last for years and pay for itself. Heck, with the amount of kale we harvested this year it’s already paying for itself!

4 thoughts on “Raised Bed Garden

    1. It’s worked out great, we’re still using it in fact. The cover is still holding up pretty well through a few winters of snow load. I should have used cedar or redwood instead of pine for the base though.

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