Raised Bed Garden

After suffering complete failure (due to climate and critters) with our 4×4 gardens last year (click here for a picture), we wentall out this year with a new system. It’s bigger, raised up a bit more, and most importantly, completely covered.

The cover is made of Solexx, a double walled corrugated plastic material that kicks some greenhouse butt. We put it on a hinge to be able to get in easily, and added windows on each side for venting and watering. It’s not too heavy to open, but it’s enough of a PITA that the windows make watering so much easier. Here’s why Solexx is so awesome:

  • Diffused Light. The harsh Utah sun gets naturally diffused in a really soothing way . Plants don’t get burnt and the light gets spread out equally, without shadows.
  • Insulation. We’re expecting to get an extra month on both sides of our pathetic 60 day growing season. For you mathophobes that’s doubling our season!
  • Protection. Keeps out both the critters, and the dry wind that blows up East Canyon Creek.
  • Durability. This will outlast plastic sheeting. At least I expect it to.

This was designed and built by Kari and I. Cost was around $400. Mostly for the Solexx – it’s not exactly cheap, but we’re hoping it will last for years and pay for itself. Heck, with the amount of kale we harvested this year it’s already paying for itself!


Is that really all there is to it because that\’d be flbaebragsting.


    I\’ll leave your spammy comment just because it\’s kinda funny. Flbaebragsting.


    It’s worked out great, we’re still using it in fact. The cover is still holding up pretty well through a few winters of snow load. I should have used cedar or redwood instead of pine for the base though.


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