Off the Grid

Off the Grid

Update: Off the Grid is now Off the Air. All the stuff that was being posted there is now being posted here. No need to update two sites, friends. You can use the Off the Grid tag to grab all past and future OTG posts. Happy Camping!

I’d like to formally introduce Off the Grid, a new blog that I’ll be keeping updated with personal things, life things, and maybe even some family stuff.

The reasons for creating this are two-fold really:

  1. Create a place for people and potential clients to get to know us
  2. Create a place for us to write about all the awesome things in this world that aren’t design/web related.

Here are some examples of things you’ll find there:

I’ve enjoyed writing about the web, design, and the other topics you can find here, but I’ve never truly had a place to write about the things that go on away from the screen. And now I do 🙂

To find Off the Grid again, look in the footer of this site, or in the ‘Click Tap About Spigot’ drawer under Life.

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