New Asana Logo for Fluid App

Asana pushed a redesigned branding last week, updating their logo, website and web app. They nailed it in my opinion. It’s clean and fresh and the web app is even easier to use.

I connect to Asana via a Fluid app so it was time to update the Asana and Instagantt icons I’d previously released.

These aren’t perfect (I spent less than 5 minutes on the gradients), and I clearly took liberties with the Instagantt icon… AND I’ll assume someone on Dribbble will make something better… but at least now my dock isn’t sporting the old Asana logo.


Make em better

For those who want to perfect the gradient profiles, here’s a zip that includes a Sketch working file:

Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “New Asana Logo for Fluid App

  1. Thank you for making these, Bryan. I also used your “old” icons, and was now in need of an updated one, switching back to Asana (from Trello). Now that Asana has boards, all its other features are too enticing for me to miss, in Trello:)

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