Increase upload file size on Media Temple (dv)

Are you having trouble increasing the maximum allowed file upload size on a site hosted on a Media Temple (dv) server?

You’ve probably come across these instructions on Media Temple’s knowledgebase and are perhaps still having issues. After a quick tweet support session with @mediatemplehelp here’s what solved this exact issue I was having:

You’re most likely running php in FastCGI

This portion is the crux. You’re most likely running the site in FastCGI mode*. If so you’ll need to edit php.ini at the subscription level rather than at the root level of the server:

Where is the subscription level version of the php.ini file? I had the same question. It’s here:


Thanks again to @mediatemplehelp:

Wait, edit the php.ini file?

Here’s a quick instruction set on how to get to this file:

  1. Enable root access
  2. Connect to your sever via SSH or,
  3. Connect to your server via SFTP (this is my method, using Transmit)
  4. Browse /var/www/vhosts/ and edit, either with vi (ssh) or a text editor of your choice (sftp).

And what to add once you find it:

memory_limit = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 80M
post_max_size = 85M

You’ll then need to restart Apache. The quickest way to do that is through SSH:

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

* If you’re running PHP as the default Apache Module, then this article won’t help. Give @mediatemplehelp a shout.

4 thoughts on “Increase upload file size on Media Temple (dv)

  1. Hey there Bryan! Really good article, thanks for putting the word out about this! I just spoke with our KnowledgeBase team and we\’re going to get that same information into our KnowledgeBase article so there is less confusion.

    Also wanted to put on your radar that you can also do this through Plesk by:

    1) Go to the Subscription
    2) Expand the menu underneath the domain name
    3) Select \”PHP Settings\”

    Here are some screenshots to help:

    Again, thanks for the great article and if you ever need anything else we\’re available 24/7 on Twitter: @MediaTemplehelp

    Drew J

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