Font Explorer X Pro vs FontCase


  1. david

    thanks for this post. it helped me making the right decision. i really don\’t want to miss the auto-activation of FEX anymore when opening indesign files.

    1. It\’s been nearly a year since I tested both, and I\’m still happy to be a FEX user. Rare is the day I need to deal with font activation issues.

  2. Kalrs

    I find Fontcase slow and buggy.

  3. PeterSP

    I\’m giving up on FontCase. It\’s not worth the pain any longer.

    I\’s slow, very buggy. Waste of money.

  4. jon b

    Totally agree, i\’m so tired of Fontcase crashing every 2 mins. Its a shame as it\’d be great if it worked.

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