Dropping future support for IE6


  1. Jon Hughes

    I enjoy being the nonconformist 🙂
    (Author of the lonely ‘counterpoint of view’)

  2. Bryan

    Well John, you certainly make a good point. I\’m not a hater in general, but the day we can all safely leave IE6 behind will be a day to celebrate.

  3. Jon Hughes

    No arguments there, Bryan! I’ve just got to keep looking out for our customers, no matter what browser they are using. The site I am currently working on is 70% IE7 and 22% IE6 – way too many to drop support!

  4. Michal

    Fancy supporting http://browsesad.com ? 😉

  5. Bryan

    @Michal – Your project looks really interesting, and there\’s a part of me that would love to participate, but it feels a little drastic. I can\’t afford to alienate current or potential clients!

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