Getting 1Password to work in Safari 4

I’m sure the guys at Agile Web Solutions will have a fix for this soon, but in the meantime, here’s how to get 1Password to work with the version of Safari that Apple released today:

  1. Right click on 1Password in your applications folder, choose ‘Show Package Contents’
  2. Browse to Contents > Resources > SupportedBrowsers.plist
  3. Double click to open in Property List Editor
  4. Drill down to Safari and find MaxBundleVersion
  5. Change the Value to 5530.17 and Save
  6. You may have to restart Safari after this, but these steps worked for me.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick – Agile pushed out a beta version an hour or two after this post, and then later in the day pushed version 2.9.19 that fixes this issue.

One thought on “Getting 1Password to work in Safari 4

  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! We got a new beta out a little after the keynote yesterday, tested it for a few hours with the help of our wonderful customers, and released 1Password version 2.9.19 final last night. Please update to this version for Safari 4 compatibility without having to modify the bundle contents.

    As always, we’re here if you have any questions for us.

    Gita Lal
    AWS Customer Care

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