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A good website is unique and compelling. It says great things, is easy to use and engaging, and inspires meaningful action.

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Unity, balance, hierarchy, scale, & contrast. These are the principals of design that form the foundation of our philosophy. We design alongside content and your goals.

Content Strategy

Research and analysis is the cornerstone of a successful website design and build. A solid plan guarantees the right site for your business and target audience.


Precision Engineering. A layered task requiring knowledge of best practice, speed, usability, accessibility. And the art of code. It is not bullshit, we assure you.


You've got a great new website to hawk your wares, take good care of it. Safeguard it from spam. Back it up. Keep your software and content fresh.

In addition to their customer service and technical skills, Kari and Bryan have been such a pleasure personally to work with. They are engaging, funny, understanding of their customers idiosyncrasies (well, mine anyway), and just a great to be around. I highly recommend Spigot Design to anyone looking for great designers and web gurus.

Katie Mullaly

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The things we write about. Some of it is helpful, entertaining, and informative. Some of it is not.

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