How to get Google to Like You

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So you want Google to like you, eh? You want to be at the top? Well good, because the top is a great place to be. It’s not easy to get there, though – so you’ve got to be prepared. It’s not rocket science either, thankfully, and it doesn’t take an army or a boatload of cash. Here’s the secret: Create Awesome Content

Create Awesome What?

A Search Engine’s business model is pretty simple: provide great search results. If someone searches for something similar to what you have, Google is going to send them to the place they think is most relevant. Does your content measure up to your competitions? Do they explain it better, or provide a broader range of potential answers? Do they attack it in multiple ways from multiple angles? If your competition provides a multitude of answers and angles, while you provide only a few sentences about your services, who do you think is going to come out on top?

It’s blog, it’s blog – it’s better than bad – it’s good!

Websites that consistently come out on top of Google searches are most likely spending the time to blog about what they do, what their services entail, and the latest news in their industry. They’re putting out a consistent stream of content that is relevant to what they do, and equally relevant to what their target market is looking for.

Does this mean you need to become a blogger? Yes, but you don’t have to think of it that way. If you view blogging as writing about your morning wake up routine or your kids poopy diapers, that’s understandable – there are a lot of blogs out there that publish that kind of stuff. So don’t think of it as blogging – think of it as sharing news about your industry, your business, or the latest project you’ve completed for a client. Write about things that your customers or clients would find interesting. Write about things that people search for (keywords).

Google Keyword Tool

To find out what people are searching for in your industry, give the Google Keyword Tool a try. Typing in a keyword or phrase that is relevant to your business and you’ll be presented with numerous similar keyword phrases and the total number of searches for those phrases (both globally and locally). You can use these as ideas for things to write about. This tool is also helpful in compiling a list of keywords that you should be using throughout your site.

There are no shortcuts to Awesome

There are companies out there who will promise to get you to the top of Google, for a price of course. But our advice is simple. Create awesome content. It truly is what Google likes best.

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