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While Dorothy once implored “There’s no place like home,” today's students require an expanded definition of this sentiment. As learning increasingly occurs in fluid hybrid spaces between home and classroom, the Lumen Scholar Institute offers the best of both environments. Through mentored online schooling enabling students to pursue academic passions on their own terms, Lumen manifests individualized, empowering education within Utah homes... while creating connection to a broader community.

Seeking an equally welcoming digital environment that conveys Lumen’s personalized approach, we designed an intuitive website that enables all visitors to easily find resources, mentors and supportive guidance. With clear calls-to-action and warm imagery reinforcing human connections, our goal was to craft an online home base where students flourish through self-directed learning and parents gain confidence in the caring support wrapped around each scholar. Twenty-five years since Dorothy’s plea reminded us that “There's no place like home,” Lumen Scholar proves home can be the ultimate personalized launchpad to ignite student potential.

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Some businesses are fully digital — no bricks, no mortar. An increasing number are educational institutions like Lumen Scholar Institute. Spigot assisted in dialing in the details for an organization that keeps a wide variety of Utah kids in quality virtual classrooms. Think Spigot can help twist your organization's dial to eleven? There's only one way to find out.

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