Spencer Byrne
All Seasons Adventures

Kari and Bryan at Spigot just completed our second website redesign. Having gone through this once before I can say with full confidence that Spigot is far ahead both in customer service and technical prowess. We had a tight schedule to get the site built and operational in time for the upcoming season. Kari developed a timeline and scheduled a few meetings in an effort to accomplish this objective. Although we missed the time by a couple days, it was no fault of Spigots. In fact when we asked to push it back, they were very accommodating. I think what stands out overall is the organization and execution of benchmarks/tasks along the way. At times building a site is a complicated and convoluted process, many tasks/items could get lost or forgotten along the way. Spigot was diligent in maintaining good notes and listening to our concerns, comments and desires for the site, thus eliminating a lot of the back and forth that could arise. That alone is a huge bonus and gave me as the customer a great deal of confidence. The final product is a clean, functional site that evokes the feelings we set forth to achieve when we began this redesign. Additionally, we know that we will have continued support through Cinch, Spigots sister company providing the hosting, maintenance and support. A website built by Spigot is well worth the investment in your business.