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SYNC Float Center

SYNC is a brand new company in Park City, Utah offering a unique experience called Flotation therapy. It's an amazing experience Spigot was ecstatic to be able to provide the SYNC team with a responsive, compelling website and clean, functional logo.


Minimize input, maximize output.

Ours is a world of stimulation, of moving faster, getting more done, being more connected (at least virtually), and doing more with less. With ever-increasing demands, our overall wellness and potential to improve necessitate time to recover and refuel. Flotation therapy provides a unique set of circumstances for just this purpose.

Mobile first for easy booking

The SYNC float experience is transcendent in so many ways and encourages us all to slow down and recharge. Being able to book quickly from any device allows SYNC customers to quickly ensure they get a float in when ever it's needed.


Full Concept


SYNC Home Page Desktop


SYNC Home Mobile

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