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Park City Fire District

Spigot has been fortunate enough to have worked with the Park City Fire District since 2009. We've helped them transition from an outdated HTML based website to a dynamic CMS driven version and on through to WordPress. This latest iteration has gone even farther in promoting the organizations educational and community involvement. There isn't a person in town who doesn't know that the PCFD firefighters have their back. We're psyched to have theirs!

About the Park City Fire District

Serving an area of 110-square miles of residential, commercial, and wild land zones, PCFD provides a wide variety of services and are prepared for any potential emergency. From wildfires to trench rescues to hazmat emergencies, our team of extensively trained, full-time firefighters and EMTs are actively engaged in our community and on call 24/7.

The PCFD is a mid-sized fire department, but we provide many services typically provided by only larger, urban fire departments. Our members pride themselves in second-to-none emergency services. We currently staff seven fire stations with firefighters trained in virtually all hazards including fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous material events, and technical rescue needs.

Our firefighters train every day in order to be optimally prepared for all possible emergency situations. In addition to emergency response we provide an array of other non-emergency services including: fire prevention, code enforcement, plan review, CPR and first aid training, CERT instruction, our fuel reduction program, and many others.

The District also manages two neighboring ambulance transport services utilizing a large team of local EMTs from the North Summit and South Summit areas.

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PCFD-Logo-White Park City Fire District

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