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Online Technical Training

Are you looking to brush up on your engineering skills in preparation for the PE Exam? Look no further folks, for Online Technical Training is here to save the day! For nearly 10 years now we have been working with Dr. Peter Martin supporting his online training courses for engineers. 

About Online Technical Training 

Online study courses are a general staple these days. Like milk and sugar. You can learn almost anything about anything online. But that wasn't always the case. Believe it or not there was a time that computers didn't exist, and people had to learn the old fashioned way - with microfiche. 

It was a real headache to have to find the right film and get to sit right in the machine as you tracked from section to section. Sneeze and the information you were looking at was 6 sections away. Or twenty, you just never knew. 

A technical star is born

Dr. Martin began Online Technical Training way back in 2006, and Spigot has been helping him much of the way. As bad as microfiche was you should have seen the membership management systems were available in the early aughts.  Horrendous. We now have civilized software such as WooCommerce for taking payments. And Canvas for organizing online classes. Now let's just pray Global Warming doesn't ruin it all.

Mobile first. Because

Mobile first is a simple buzzword for some, an easy catchphrase for others, and and absolute lifestyle for the fully initiated. We don't do mobile first as a philosophy so much as an easier way to build out a website. It's not like someone is going to take their online course on an iPhone SE for goodness sakes. 

Well that's not totally true. It is possible to take a class on a smaller screen. And we do build with those crazy folks in mind. Ensuring a pleasant experience at 320 pixels makes it that much easier to create an absolutely fantastic experience at 5120 pixels. Yes, my iMac has that many horizontal pixels. It's pure heaven.


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