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Tweet Archive for: May 2012

Sitting in the back yard appreciating the sounds of birds and children’s laughter. And also the freeway.

From Tweetbot for iOS 8:40pm May 31 2012 —

I can’t wait to see SMS go the way of the dodo.

From Tweetbot for iOS 8:32pm May 31 2012 —

My response: “Well you’re lucky I’m the kind of dev who plans ahead and brings two.”

From Twitter for Mac 4:14pm May 30 2012 —

Recent client quote “I’m the kind of guy who jumps from a plane and builds a chute on the way down.”

From Twitter for Mac 4:13pm May 30 2012 —

Just had a client ask me for the Photoshop file of a new site concept. He’s going to ‘play’ with it tonight and get back to me. Lovely.

From Twitter for Mac 3:35pm May 30 2012 —