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Tweet Archive for: March 2012

I _love_ stepping into other peoples steaming pile of code. Especially when I’m asked to just smear it a bit with cheap deodorant.

From Twitter for Mac 11:00am Mar 30 2012 —

The transition from year 3 to 4 has been the most dramatic so far. It was/is a big year for both my kids.

From Tweetbot for iOS 7:17pm Mar 28 2012 —

Circle avatars are all the rage.

From Twitter for Mac 1:01pm Mar 28 2012 —

May I always keep clients best interests in mind – providing solid products at a solid value. Even on my bad days.

From Twitter for Mac 12:00pm Mar 28 2012 —

Frustration is hiring an ‘expert’ only to get burned by their actual incompetence.

From Twitter for Mac 11:54am Mar 28 2012 —

When an accountant says ‘Uh, don’t worry about X – the IRS is too busy for that these days,’ it’s time to get a new accountant.

From Twitter for Mac 11:53am Mar 28 2012 —

Wow, ProjectPier is still alive! projectpier.org – I gave this up a few years ago for Basecamp for usability factors.

From Twitter for Mac 9:22am Mar 28 2012 —

That recency bias in the rearview is not as close as it appears.

From Twitter for Mac 11:28am Mar 27 2012 —