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Tweet Archive for: November 2011

I’m less of an Apples in Stereo fan than I used to be.

From Twitter for Mac 3:02pm Nov 30 2011 —

Trying to design a label in Word and it’s not going well. Wonder if Pages would make it any easier…

From Twitter for Mac 2:06pm Nov 30 2011 —

I enjoy watching friends kids, but when they come out of the bathroom and say ‘Bryan I’ve got poop on my hands’ I cringe a little.

From Twitter for Mac 7:58pm Nov 28 2011 —

If there’s a choice of logging in with Facebook or creating a direct account, I go with the latter every. single. time.

From Twitter for Mac 7:10pm Nov 28 2011 —

Any Webkit users out there having issues with the Web Inspector today?

From Twitter for Mac 1:18pm Nov 28 2011 —