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Tweet Archive for: February 2011

Trying to learn a ‘fast’ wireframing tool will most likely take longer than my normal ‘slow’ Photoshop based routine.

From Twitter for Mac 6:01pm Feb 27 2011 —

Someone dropped 3 one dollar bills off of Shortcut lift at @thecanyons today. Wonder if anyone thought it was worth a jump.

From Twitter for Mac 7:15pm Feb 26 2011 —

Whenever twitter.com goes down my site sits and spins as well. Perhaps I need a better way to show the twitter feed.

From Twitter for Mac 7:51am Feb 26 2011 —

So I’ve decided to use CSS3 instead of background images on this site. IE users will just have to miss out.

From Twitter for Mac 7:09pm Feb 24 2011 —