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Tweet Archive for: January 2011

Ok XCloner isn’t going to work either. Looks like it’s back to the manual migration. Damn.

From Twitter for Mac 11:21pm Jan 31 2011 —

Well, BackupBuddy didn’t do the trick. Let’s hope XCloner make this migration easy.

From Twitter for Mac 10:54pm Jan 31 2011 —

I knew migrating this site to GoDaddy was going to be a PITA.

From Twitter for Mac 10:08pm Jan 31 2011 —

Seems WordPress is now making you get a new API key every time you register a new site…

From Twitter for Mac 11:16pm Jan 28 2011 —

As good as @1Password is for regular logins, it’s equally important for keeping secure notes – info such as ftp and database info.

From Twitter for Mac 10:35pm Jan 28 2011 —

Listening to @Robyn‘s Body Talk for three days straight. Not often I put an album on repeat like that.

From Twitter for iPhone 8:10pm Jan 28 2011 —