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Tweet Archive for: July 2010

Found two Hobo spiders in the basement last night. Now I’m creeped out. Spiders have never bugged me before, what’s going on?

From Tweetie for Mac 10:14am Jul 29 2010 —

I’m 95% sure we won’t win this project.

From Tweetie for Mac 10:04am Jul 29 2010 —

The slide from Hump day to the weekend is too quick. I could use 25 more hours each week.

From Tweetie for Mac 3:45pm Jul 28 2010 —

Hey hey, their biggest, most expensive plan is the one that’s ‘Recommended’. Imagine that!

From Tweetie for Mac 10:56am Jul 27 2010 —

RT @H_FJ: A study I have privately conducted confirms that support via “live chat” sucks, more than 150% of the time. <- My findings concur

From Tweetie for Mac 4:03pm Jul 22 2010 —

What constitutes a ‘short’ quotation as opposed to a ‘long’ one?

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