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Tweet Archive for: June 2010

Wow, Quickbooks just talked to me: ‘Are you trying to write a novel?’ in a sweet computer dude voice.

From Tweetie for Mac 4:40pm Jun 30 2010 —

Thank you PayPal for not double checking me anymore when I want to pay with my credit card.

From Tweetie for Mac 2:59pm Jun 25 2010 —

If Photoshop had a mouth, I’d kick it in the teeth.

From Twitter for iPhone 2:35pm Jun 10 2010 —

I really hope that last tweet doesn’t get me caught up in some new avalanche.

From Twitter for iPhone 12:42pm Jun 10 2010 —

You’d think the many layers of spam protection would catch the ‘Lesbian Factor Pussy Eater Virgin’ type emails.

From Twitter for iPhone 12:41pm Jun 10 2010 —

Hey, the blue progress bar is back in Safari 5!

From Twitter for iPhone 5:10am Jun 8 2010 —

Transmit 4 really does kick ass. Never knew FTP could be this fast.

From Twitter for iPhone 7:27pm Jun 7 2010 —

Enough SuperFamous rambly-dribbly podcast. Bring on Irresistible Bliss!

From Twitter for iPhone 1:10pm Jun 4 2010 —

Getting tired of LinkedIn spam. Perhaps it’s time to pull that plug.

From Twitter for iPhone 8:42am Jun 4 2010 —