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Tweet Archive for: April 2010

Recently came back to @boagworld web dev podcast and I’m impressed with the new level of quality.

From Twitter for iPhone 8:12am Apr 30 2010 —

These daffodils intestinal fortitude is inspiring. Two days of snow and cold and they’re still standing tall.

From Twitter for iPhone 7:32pm Apr 29 2010 —

Contrary to the rehydrated advert, the best part of waking up is not Folgers in my cup.

From Twitter for iPhone 4:22pm Apr 29 2010 —

Just got a popup window that literally said: Just ignore this window. Go about your browsing in the other window. WTF??

From Twitter for iPhone 1:30pm Apr 29 2010 —

Hewlett-Packard buying Palm for $1.2 billion – MarketWatch shar.es/m5Iiy Time to sell out!

From ShareThis.com 4:15pm Apr 28 2010 —

For those wondering if my Google sidebar posts weren’t just the standard show/hide options, here’s a screenshot: drp.ly/U8Uar

From Twitter for iPhone 11:14am Apr 28 2010 —

Left hand column in Google doesn’t appear with Firefox 3.6.3, but does in Safari 4 and Webkit.

From Twitter for iPhone 1:13pm Apr 27 2010 —