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Tweet Archive for: November 2009

That Toyota commercial with the car wash? That car is perfectly clean.

From web 9:45pm Nov 29 2009 —

I don’t have a good feeling about this.

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What is it with ski town DJ’s and their obsession with classic rock?

From Twitter for iPhone 8:43pm Nov 25 2009 —

Pardon the Retweets. Testing out the new RT function. And I’m sure I still don’t understand it.

From web 4:13pm Nov 25 2009 —

RT @smashingmag: An Introduction to Understanding and Implementing Web Usability – http://bit.ly/6ccnf5

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RT @photomatt: RT @ev: RT @felixsalmon: Debunking the paradox of choice http://bit.ly/4FWwFV

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