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Tweet Archive for: August 2009

A full morning running under Snow Leopard, and no issues. Time to turn Time Machine back on.

From Twitter for iPhone 1:54pm Aug 31 2009 —

First day both kids are in daycare… the erie silence in the house is whispering: productivity.

From Twitter for iPhone 10:00am Aug 31 2009 —

Spent the day hiking in the Timpanogos today. Perhaps could have summited without the infant + 2.5 year old handicap.

From Twitter for iPhone 6:34pm Aug 29 2009 —

Snow Leopard has arrived, but I’m not sure I want to install it until I’m sure my Adobe CS3 products will work… getting mixed info.

From Twitter for iPhone 7:17pm Aug 28 2009 —

@jmtorrey Yep. Picked up P Thomas and R Grant in the 3rd and 4th. Also got Bush, McFadden, Moreno, and Sproles.

From Twitter for iPhone 8:32am Aug 28 2009 —