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Tweet Archive for: July 2009

Rode the Zipper at the Summit County Fair tonight. Once every 10 years or so on that thing is plenty.

From Twitter for iPhone 9:11pm Jul 31 2009 —

Didn’t get in on my 3.0 private beta? TUAW figured out a little secret that will let you in early: http://tr.im/uYM5 (via @1Password)

From Twitter for iPhone 4:33pm Jul 31 2009 —

Seeing halo lines after viewing a site with black background and white text. Why I recently changed bit.ly/2lXJQ to a lighter design.

From Twitter for iPhone 9:20am Jul 31 2009 —

Working with InDesign today. Feels somehow refreshing. An object can go anywhere, with no concerns on how it will render in IE.

From Twitter for iPhone 3:21pm Jul 30 2009 —